My Book

Tim Matheney is concerned about the state of leadership in our nation.

He’s concerned about leaders who pursue self-aggrandizement over timeless principles, cater to our basest instincts of fear and insecurity, and say anything to hear the sound of applause.

Having spent his 30-year career as a leader responsible for educating thousands of young people and nurturing the leadership of others, Tim believes the concept of leadership is at risk – and that we can do better.

Learn more by reading Tim’s book Leadership that Lasts.

Leadership that Lasts frames seven actions that empower leaders to make an enduring impact:


Connect.  Nurture relationships where others enrich you and you enrich others.
Commit.  Build your leadership on bedrock values and ethics.
Persevere.  Develop resilience and lead around and through obstacles.
Discover.  Learn relentlessly and listen to the knowledge of others.
Thrive.  Practice authenticity, vulnerability, and gratitude.
Imagine.  Envision individual and organizational excellence.
Dare.  Lead audaciously and take the right kind of risks.