How We Can Help

Spire’s work stems from founder Tim Matheney’s lifelong commitment to helping others realize their ambitions, his deep understanding of how adults learn and grow, and his track record of success building high-impact organizations.

Developing and Advising Leaders

Tim Matheney and the Spire Leadership team provide individualized support and guidance for leaders framed by Tim’s “Seven Actions toward an Enduring Impact.” Spire provides executive coaching, performance improvement support, and leadership development.


Spire Leadership seeks to ensure that our clients – both leaders and organizations – achieve their full potential by providing a full array of planning services that exceed expectations. These services include talent management, strategic planning, and performance evaluation.

Services to schools, districts, and charter organizations

Based on decades of experiences in schools and other educational organizations, Tim and the Spire team provide support to schools, districts, and charter organizations in

  • Developing teachers’ skills in student engagement, questioning and discussion strategies.
  • Building the capacity of teacher and student leaders.
  • Strengthening school culture.
  • Improving interventions for struggling students.
  • Strengthening collaboration among leadership teams.